Cover Reveal – Giveaway: The Traveling Woman (Traveling #2) by Jane Harvey-Berrick




Title: The Traveling Woman

Author: Jane Harvey-Berrick

Series: Traveling #2

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 7th 2015.


About the Book

THE CONCLUDING STORY of Aimee and Kestrel, begun in THE TRAVELING MAN ……

How many times do you gamble on love? When love has knocked you down, should you give it another chance? When does optimism become stupidity?

And what happens when the man you’re in love with is never still, always moving, always traveling? Do you say goodbye, or do you leave behind everything that you’ve worked for, everything that you’ve ever known? Can a traveling carnival be my home?

Oh. You thought I had the answers. No, sorry. No answers, just a lot of questions—and a heart that wants to rule my head.

Can one person be my home?




The Traveling Man

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The Traveling Woman

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About the Author


I lived in London for over 10 years and have a love affair with New York. It’s only since I have moved to the countryside, that the words have really begun to flow.

I live in a small village by the ocean and walk my little dog, Pip, every day. It’s on those beachside walks that I have all my best ideas.

Writing has become a way of life – and one that I love to share.


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